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At Charizma, you can rely on our charismatic team to curate and amplify your online presence. With a focus on social strategy, management, engagement, and much more, your reputation will radiate with outstanding confidence so you can direct your efforts toward what you do best.

When you work with us, you’ll join many happy clients from various fields. Because at Charizma we tap into the heart and evoke good emotions to charm!

Our Services

We play to our strengths

Whatever business you’re in, let us soar high into the sky with your social media using our visionary approach. And when it comes to catering to your needs and high ambitions…you won’t find a more committed and focused team.

Content Creation

Are you sensing your content is not personalized enough? Here at Charizma, personalization is an essential part of our personality. This is why we take good care when creating the right persona for your audience so that your content is full of irresistible charm!

Content Design

What makes your content so attractive? It’s in our name! Charizma. With an excelling team in design with a proven record, rest assured your content design is bound to catch all eyes.

Social Media Content Management

We know how valuable your time is. This is why we’re here to handle all your content creation and posting with effective scheduling that guarantees success. We’ll apply the best strategies that meet all your goals with passionate exuberance!

Social Media Community Management

With natural allure, your clients and viewers will flock to your social media. We build a brand narrative that keeps your community loyal and engaged. Using the best methods to provide the best interaction between your business and the audience through responsive messaging and live moderation across the board to keep your brand experience protected. 

Social media Reporting

Presence. It’s good to have it. It’s also good to know it. Just ask us! We offer you the ability to know just how charismatic your presence is. Using a state-of-the-art social media reporting system, tap into your social media performance and watch your presence grow in real time and take the right action!

Social Media Listening

To keep pace with the trends is the charismatic thing to do. Be the first to know what people think about your brand and track every mention of it and all the whispers around it. Enjoy access to this valuable insight at any point in time using a top-of-the-line system you won’t find everywhere. Because an attentive leader is a charismatic leader, we believe you’ll be pleased to know that your brand is in the right place for that. Charizma!

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Our Packages

Spread your wings

Our packages

What helps a bird fly high into the sky? That’s right, wings! Not one, but two. That’s why at Charizma we carefully curated packages that include all you need to take off.



Lead with passion

The Entrepreneur Package

Content Creation & design




  • (8 static – 1 video) per month
  • Social media reporting

The essentials, but with just the right amount of Charizma sprinkled generously into it. It’ll help you start on the right wing, and still be perceptive of what’s around you. Try it, and you might just come back for more! Just like an entrepreneur would.



Master your harmony

The Campaigner Package

Content Creation & design




  • (10 static – 2 video) per month
  • Content Management
  • Sponsored Ads & Promoted Campaigns
  • Social media Reporting

Uplifting, goal-oriented, and boldly organized. Spread your wings and prepare for take-off!



Inspire with steadfast charisma

The Protagonist Package

Content Creation & design




  • (12 static – 3 video) per month
  • Content Management
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Sponsored Ads & Promoted Campaigns
  • Social media Reporting

The perfect package for brands that never settle for less. All your social media needs in one elevated place with us. Psst… You can even see the globe from up here.



Pick your own adventure

The Visionary Package

Customized Package

Your world, your story, your adventure! Pick the right services that suit you and we’ll set you on the right path to glory. With Charizma, you are a visionary.

Unleashing Digital Magic with Our Expert Team.

Mahdi Maskati
New Media Director
Qassem Hamdan
Community Management Manager
Tariq Taqi
Clients Success Executive
Huda Hasan
Social Media Specialist